1. Make sure your wall is smooth, clean & dry. Don’t attempt to apply the vinyl during rainy or humid conditions.

2. Where necessary, cut to separate the elements. Measure out and mark the desired positioning on your wall.

3. Slowly remove the wax paper backing, ensure the vinyl sticks to the application tape.

5. Line up the vinyl to your markings, and bond the vinyl to the wall by smoothing it over with the applicator provided firmly from the middle outwards.

6. Once you’re happy that you’ve pressed the vinyl down sufficiently, slowly peel the application tape away parallel to the wall, making sure the vinyl sticks to the wall.

And Ta-dum!

TLC: If you’re having any difficulty getting the vinyl to stick to the wall, use a hairdryer on a medium setting to warm the vinyl while the tape is still on, rub over it again with the applicator, leave for a few minutes and then try again to remove the application tape.