What are the wall decals made of?

Our wall art is cut from premium quality, matte finish, self adhesive, removable vinyl. It has no unsightly clear border and will appear to be painted on the wall after application.

Will the wall decal stick to my wall?

Your surface needs to be smooth, clean and dry for vinyl to stick. You need to allow 4 weeks for paint to cure before applying vinyls to a wall, and don’t attempt to apply the vinyl in humid conditions. Our vinyls will also stick to glass, ceramic, tile, plastic and wood. Vinyl wall art will not stick to brick, stone, or any rough textured surface including suede paint and some paint techniques.

Can I reuse the wall decal?

Vinyls with a bigger surface area can easily be removed and re-used, however the thinner vinyls, and lettering is much harder to reuse as it will stretch when you remove them, and you will struggle to position the lettering in a straight line again.

Do I have to put each letter on individually?

Absolutely not, that would take forever! All designs come pre-spaced with application tape and only takes a couple minutes to apply.

How long will the wall vinyls last?

Our vinyls will last until they are removed.

Can I remove the wall vinyls & how do I remove it?

Yes! Just pick and peel it off.

Will the wall vinyl damage my wall?

If applied correctly, the vinyl won’t damage your wall at all.

I followed the app instructions but its not sticking to the wall?

Heat the vinyl with a hair dryer while rubbing over the tape. If you have already removed the tape, heat the vinyl while PRESSING it down with a dry dishtowel wrapped around your thumb – once the tape is off DO NOT RUB.

Application Instructionsee the application instructions